University Service

Senior Academic Administration

Founding Director, Transition to York Program (Reporting to the Vice Provost Academic; 2010 - 2015)

Associate Dean (Academic) Atkinson Faculty (July 1997 – December 1998)

Pension Negotiations

Member, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Working Group on Pensions Current Project: collaboration with Council of Ontario Universities on the design of a possible sector-wide pension plan (2012 – 2015)

Chair and Chief Spokesperson, York University Pension Group (Coalition of Representatives from all Unionized Employee Groups: YUFA, YUSA, CUPE 3903, CUPE 1356, IUOE 772, OHFA, OPSEU) to negotiate changes to the York University Pension Plan (2012-2014)

Co-Chair, All University Pension Committee (2004)

Labour Negotiations

Chief Negotiator, YUFA Negotiating Team. 2012-2015, 2009-2012, 2003-2006, 2001-2003 Collective Agreements

Hiring, Tenure and Promotion of Academic Staff

Hiring Committees as Chair or Affirmative Action Representative in Economics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Public Policy & Administration, Science and Technology Studies

Tenure and Promotion as Chair or member of File Preparation and/or Adjudication Committees in Administrative Studies, Economics, Equity Studies, Fine Arts (Dance), Information Technology, Philosophy, Public Policy & Administration, Sociology


Chair of Faculty Council, Faculty of LA&PS (July 2016-June2017)

Chair of Senate, York University Senate (July 2007-December 2008)

Vice Chair of Senate, York University Senate (January 2006-June 2007)

Senator, York University Senate 2010-2015; 2003-2005

Senate Executive Representative, Chancellor’s Search Committee 2014, 2007

Member, Senate Executive Committee, (as LA&PS designate; 2010-2014)

Chair of Faculty Council, Atkinson Faculty (2001-2003 )

Various  Undergraduate and Graduate Program Committees: Admissions, Awards/Appeals, Curriculum

Joint University-YUFA Committees

YUFA Co-chair, Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (JCOAA), 2012-14; 2004-05; 2002-03

Member, JCOAA Subcommittee on Workload, 2009-2010

Member, Research Development Fellowship Committee, 2006-2007; 2000-2001

Member, Disputes Resolution Committee, 2000-2001, 1997-1998

Special Committees/Appointments

Member, Adjudication Committee, President’s Staff Recognition Awards – Voice of York (2013/2014/2015)

Member, Lifelong Learning, Partnerships and Outreach Working Sub Group of Community Engagement & Outreach Working Group, Reporting to the Provost (2010-2011)

Chair, Committee to oversee Atkinson Commemorative Book Project, Atkinson/U50 (2009)

Special Committee to Assess the Needs of Part-time and Mature Students (with Leslie Sanders and Carolyn Edgecombe, reporting to Dean of Atkinson and Vice President Academic; 2007-2009)

YUFA representative/consultant for Pay Equity Recapture and Librarian Pay Equity Analysis (with Barry Miller, Sue Buloff; reporting to the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement; 2007)

YUFA representative, Pay Equity Recapture and Librarian Pay Equity Analysis (with G. Monnette, D. Piaskoski, and A. Wong) (reporting to the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement; 2004)

Recruitment and Promotion Activities

Various:  LA&PS/Atkinson Representative in several recruitment and promotion events

Collegial Assistance

Various:  Acting Chair/Vice Chair of Senate, Acting Chair/Vice Chair of Faculty Council; Acting Department Chair/School Director/Program Coordinator, Substitute/Guest Instructor