2016-2017 COURSES
Term Course Title Link
Fall 2016 AP/ECON 3430 3.0 Sections A&B Monetary Economics I: Financial Markets and Institutions  
Winter 2017 GS/PPAL 6200 3.0 Sections M&N Research Methods and Information Systems Course Web Page

My ideal of a university economics education is one in which there is active student engagement in an examination of pluralist economic content.

Both inside and outside of the classroom, I strive to:

  • encourage greater inclusivity;
  • draw attention to the vast degree of uncertainty and diversity of experience that exist;
  • encourage an appreciation for the broad scope for alternative perspectives on policy issues that both uncertainty and diversity of experience imply;
  • emphasise the cultural values implicit in the traditional economic models;
  • incorporate alternative theoretical perspectives;
  • strike a constructive balance between formal knowledge structures and the imaginative or interpretative; and
  • instill a sense of social responsibility together with a sense of agency to influence outcomes.

AREAS OF TEACHING INTEREST: Financial Economics (Money and Banking, Financial Crises, Theory/History/Development/Policy of Financial Institutions and Markets); Macroeconomics (Theory and Policy); Economic Policy; Socio-economics; Interdisciplinary Research Methods.


Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Supervision (In progress)

  • Grace Barakat (PhD, Sociology) "The Price of Knowledge: Canadian Student Debt"
  • Garry Sran (PhD Economics) "Three Essays on Unionization and Social Economic Well-Being" (Principal Supervisor)
  • Reed Collis (PhD Economics)"Essays in Monetary Economics"
  • Wadi Dyson (PhD Sociology) “In the Hands of Strangers: The Myth of Choice and Self-Determination” (Principal Supervisor)

Graduate Supervision (Completed)

  • Jillian Ricketts “The Impact of Financial Exclusion on Vulnerable Groups Accessing Cheque Cashing Services ” MPPAL
  • Joe Martino “Assessing the Effectiveness of Coroners’ Inquests in relation to Child Maltreatment Fatalities:
    A Human Rights Perspective” MPPAL
  • Grace Barakat (MA 2015, Sociology) “Generation Debt: Post-secondary Student Debt in Canada” MA Sociology
  • Erika MacDonald (MA 2014, Sociology) “Self-Management as a Counter-Hegemony: A neo-Gramscian Study of Argentina's Occupied Factories” MA Sociology (Principal Supervisor)
  • Miloš Vasic (PhD 2013 Sociology) "Becoming Economic: A Political Phenomenology of Car Purchases" (Principal Supervisor)
  • Tracy MacMaster (MA 2013, Interdisciplinary Studies) "Chasing the Carrot: Organizing Part-time Ontario College Workers" (Coordinating Supervisor)
  • Aqeela Tabassum (PhD 2012, Economics) “Three Essays on the Impact of Financial Evolution on Monetary Policy" (Principal Supervisor)
  • D'Ansi Mendoza (PhD 2012, Economics) “Three Essays on the Philosophy of Money" (Supervisory Committee)
  • Imo Ek-Udofia (Masters Environmental Studies, 2012) “Unjust Payday Lending Practices in Racialized Communities” (MRP Supervisor)
  • Reza Rajabian (PhD 2009, Osgoode/Law) “Rules versus Discretion in the Design of Competition Law” (Supervisory Committee; Chair, Examination Committee)
  • Reza Barmaki, (PhD 2008, Sociology) “Canadian Dream, Capitalism, and the State: Structural Conditions of Youth Gambling in Canada” (Supervisory Committee)

Graduate Examination (Completed)

  • Tim MacNeil (PhD 2011 Social and Political Thought) “Culturally Sustainable Development... ”(Supervisory Committee)
  • Matthew Hayter (PhD 2011 Social and Political Thought) “Theorizing Power in Modern Politics: Perspectives in French Poststructuralism, German Critical Theory, and Anglo-American Critiques of Liberal Democracy (Dean's Representative, Examination Committee)
  • Andreas Georgiou  (PhD 2011 Social and Political Thought), “Being and Time of the Everyday: A Critique of Distance and Engagement” (Chair, Examination Committee)
  • Ian Sheen (PhD 2010, Osgoode/Law) "The Evolution of Money Laws: A Theory" (Examination Committee)
  • Salimah Valiani, (PhD 2009, Sociology, Carleton University) Title: “Gendered Wages, Deepening Unequal Exchange, and the Global Integration of Nursing Labour Markets” (External Examiner)
  • Sonya Marie Scott (PhD 2008, Social and Political Thought) “The Epistemological Constitution of Subjectivity in Economic Thought” (Examination Committee)
  • Lina Samuel (PhD 2007, Sociology) “Disruption, Displacement, ambivalence: The Making of Migrant Identities Among Women in the Keralite Diaspora (Dean’s Representative, Examination Committee)
  • Walter H. Presaud (PhD 2007, Social and Political Thought). “International Education in Thailand: A Postcolonial Analysis” (Dean’s Representative, Examination Committee)
  • Eva Audy (MA 2001, Haute École Commerciales, Université de Montréal). “La condition des femmes économistes dans la milieu universitaire au Canada: une comparaison avec les Etats-Unis, le Royaume-Uni et les sciences sociales au Canada”  (External Examiner)

(For a list of courses to be taught in the upcoming academic year, please click the teaching tab on my faculty profile here)

Graduate Courses: Financial Crises (ECON 5530); Research Methods and Information Systems (MPPAL 6200)

Undergraduate Courses: Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 1010); Money and Banking (ECON 3430 & 3440); Advanced Macroeconomics (ECON 4020)


I supervise Graduate and Undergraduate students in Economics, Sociology, Social and Political Thought in self-directed learning opportunities related to my research and teaching interests.