2017-2018 COURSES
Term Course Title Link
F17/W18 GS/PPAL 6230 3.0 Topics in Public Policy Course Outline - 6230
Winter 2018 GS/PPAL 6200 3.0 Sections N (Tuesday) Research Methods and Information Systems

2017 Course Webpage: The 2018 course will be similar to the 2017 course with some modifications to the readings. The 2017 course information is available here Course Web Page

2018 6200(N) Course Web Page

My ideal of a university economics education is one in which there is active student engagement in an examination of pluralist economic content.

Both inside and outside of the classroom, I strive to:

  • encourage greater inclusivity;
  • draw attention to the vast degree of uncertainty and diversity of experience that exist;
  • encourage an appreciation for the broad scope for alternative perspectives on policy issues that both uncertainty and diversity of experience imply;
  • emphasise the cultural values implicit in the traditional economic models;
  • incorporate alternative theoretical perspectives;
  • strike a constructive balance between formal knowledge structures and the imaginative or interpretative; and
  • instill a sense of social responsibility together with a sense of agency to influence outcomes.

AREAS OF TEACHING INTEREST: Financial Economics (Money and Banking, Financial Crises, Theory/History/Development/Policy of Financial Institutions and Markets); Macroeconomics (Theory and Policy); Economic Policy; Socio-economics; Interdisciplinary Research Methods.

  • Grace Barakat (PhD, Sociology) "The Price of Knowledge: Canadian Student Debt" (Principal Supervisor)
  • Garry Sran (PhD Economics) "Three Essays on Unionization and Social Economic Well-Being" (Principal Supervisor)
  • Reed Collis (PhD Economics)"Essays in Monetary Economics"
  • Wadi Dyson (PhD Sociology) “In the Hands of Strangers: The Myth of Choice and Self-Determination” (Principal Supervisor) (Defended successfully November 2017)
  • Karen Shaver (Masters in Public Policy & Law) “City of Hamilton’s Public Engagement Charter: It’s Impact” 2017-present
  • Kirsten Barnes (Masters in Public Policy & Law) “Ontario Works: The Bureaucratic Discretion of Administrative Processes” 2017-present
  • Anita Kumar (Masters in Public Policy & Law) “Policy Protections, Cannabis Use and Ontario Youth” 2017-present

I supervise Graduate and Undergraduate students in Economics, Sociology, Social and Political Thought in self-directed learning opportunities related to my research and teaching interests.